Friday, April 23, 2010

First Hair Cut

A couple weeks ago I finally gave in and decided it was time to take Miles for his first hair cut. I had been putting it off for a couple months. I just wasn't ready for him to part with his cut little blond baby curls and I knew once they were cut it would never be the same again.
We took Miles to Snippety Crickets which is the same place we took Zachary for his first hair cut. Its agreat little place on Solano Ave in Albany that caters specificly to children. They have toys and a sweet train set for the little ones to play with while they are unhappily forced to sit still for an un-naturally long time.

I of course was worried about how Miles would handle this experience. He is a kid that is always on the go and doesn't do well when being confined and and generally refuses to sit still for more than a minute. Of course when we get in there there is a kid getting his hair cut and absolutly freaking out. Surprisingly Miles was not scared. When a chair opened up I set him up there and he handled it like a trooper. He put up a little fuss about the smock (he doesn't like things around his neck) and of course he shyed away from the clippers. Amazingly though, there wasn't any crying or screaming. I was so proud!

And he is a handsome little devil with his slick new cut and looks so much like his big brother.
Miles' first hair cut April 2010
Zachary's first hair cut October 2004

He would get super mad when hair got on his hands
What a handsome little man.
Afterwards Miles had his first Zachary's Pizza. He wasn't too keen on the pizza but he loved the crunchy bread sticks.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Park day is always fun day

Thursday we took advantage of the warm wether and took Miles for some play time at the park. Everytime we go to the park I am further amazed by his physical abilites and how fearless he is. I on the other hand am not fearless. I spend a lot of time being stressed out by his fearlessness and afraid he is going to walk off some climbing structure.
Hopefully this darn rain will go away so we can enjoy some more fun at the park.