Friday, May 7, 2010


Saturday night we got a call from my parents letting us know that would be in Capitola on Sunday if we wanted to come and meet them for an early dinner. So on Sunday after finishing up some massive yard work that had been screaming for our attention we loaded Miles into the car for our mini adventure down the coast. Luckily our departure time coincided with Miles's nap time. So, instead of spending the hour and half trip complaining about being trapped in a car as he normally would he got a nice little nap.
With met up with the parents outside a 76 station in Santa Cruz (There is a long annoying story that could explain that meeting place better but I will refrain) and followed them to their hotel in nearby Capitola.
After a diaper change we wandered down to litlle tourity bit of Capitola to find some much needed food and enjoy some play time at the beach.
This was Miles' second time at the beach and he loved it. He loves that water and the sand and the birds. He doesn't much like going in the water but he gets a kick out of running up to and then fleeing everytime the water gets even remotely close to him.
After the beach we all had a craving for some ice cream and waffle cones. The ice cream shop we found had the cutest little mini cones for kids. So, we got Miles his first ice cream cone with rasberry sorbet. He loved it and thought not having to beg for ice cream from mom and dad was super cool. I was expecting a mes of epic proportions but Miles is a suprisingly clean little boy and only had a couple dribbles.

He ate every bit of it cone and all and threw a massive fit. Ahh almost 2 year olds...