Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Would you eat them with a fox?"

Miles loves the fox book aka Green Eggs and Ham. He loves to snuggle into my lap with his stuffed friend Foxy Fox to listen to the many attempts of Sam to get his Friend to eat some tasty green eggs and ham. Luckily we have two copies so there is always one near when the need to read arises.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miles Loves Football

Miles loves football. It's true. He loves watching football, talking about football and throwing his little mini football around the house. I guess this was bound to happen. He is a beefy little guy and most of the men in the family also love football.
We have season tickets for Cal Football  and because of his love we were excited to take Miles to a football game this season. Last weekend we finally had a chance make it to the Cal / UCLA game. We totally kicked their butts. GO BEARS!

We decided to make a day of it so we left early and had breakfast at our favorite cafe. Miles ate the heck out of a bran muffin and some vanilla milk.
Then we headed down to campus to find some hats for the boys and enjoy the pre game rally. A nice man gave Miles a bunch of blue and gold balloons. Miles loved them even though he is looking quite grumpy in this picture.
We found Oski in the book store and Miles claimed that he wanted to give him hug but once we got close Miles wanted nothing to do with him.

When we got into the stadium and Miles looked down at the field and was in awe. He just kept pointing and saying "football, football". All he wanted to do was get as close to the field as possible. If given the chance I am sure he would have been out on the field. During the game we took him down to the railing and him run back and forth and check out all the action.
Eventually Miles decided to give Oski a second chance and a high five.
He also made nice with the ladies.
The ladies love Miles.