Monday, March 22, 2010

Miles has a very strict schedule it generally goes something like this
Wake up - 7:30
Breakfast #1 - 8:00
Breakfast #2 - 10:00
Lunch - 12:30
Napping - 1 - 4pm
Wake up and snack - 4:30
Dinner - 6:00
Night night time: 6:30

As you can see a good portion of Miles' day is filled with eating and sleeping. Which is great his nap time if my only chance to do things like sewing and housework. Some days I can even sneak off to the gym. But really it makes it hard to go anywhere really especially for Miles who tends to freak out a bit when he misses out on either "foof" or "night night". Frank and I have almost forgotten what it is like to go out after dark.

This weekend for some reason we decided to push the limits and break up the all important schedule a bit. We went out for dinner and lunch when Miles would have been in bed. I got really brave and strapped him to my back to go to the Vintage expo during what should have been his nap time and lunch time. I must say that Miles did quite well. There was some whining and hair pulling (my hair mainly) but over all he was pretty well behaved. Perhaps it is possible to have a life after all.

Here are some pictures of Miles from our trip to the park on Friday afternoon.

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  1. That is to cool. You ever take him to a Dinosaurs museum? Gosh he's getting big. Grandma Beverly